Back in February 2014, I was leaving a client meeting in the West Village on a snowy morning. I thought to myself “snow days are actually awesome days to get in touch with people.” Then I pulled out my iPhone and recorded a brief 15-second video to share this tip and shared it on Instagram and Facebook. BAM - this was the beginning of Make It Happen Monday (#MIHM).

For context, I was in the process of working with a video production studio on a video project and they had told me I could best prepare by simply practicing being on camera as much as possible. Additionally, a friend of mine in social media marketing also had advised that the best way I could build an audience (including gaining their trust) was to be highly consistent with my posting - e.g. sharing something on the same day of the week, EVERY week.

What resulted was sharing a MIHM video each and every Monday for the remainder of 2014. Over time, my friends and followers on social media began to expect them. Some enjoyed them, some teased me, and some rolled their eyes. Regardless, they (and subsequently me) got noticed due to my consistency. As the year progressed I also got more comfortable in front of the camera; my other objective. I still have a ways to go in this regard and will keep working at it.

Though this has been a great experience, I sunsetted MIHM so I can focus my energy on upcoming projects. A number of people suggested I put them together in a collection, so I created a Tumblr site to house the collection of all of my Make It Happen Monday videos. I hope they will keep you inspired, powerful, and ultimately effective today and in the future!

Check it out HERE.