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Inspiration: Not Required!

Needing Inspiration: A Fool’s Errand 
I can’t tell you how often I hear from clients and friends “I just need to get inspired” followed by “to (insert: something you need to do but don’t want to do).” Everyone seems to think that if they just found inspiration they would get done what needs to get done. But if you are like me, will you ever really be “inspired” to do bookkeeping, clean out my fridge, delete files from your hard drive, or do anything else so tedious? The reality is I’ll likely never be inspired to do these things, but they still need to get done. So searching for inspiration is a fools errand. 

Feedback is a Gift, and a Bitch!

What I find hard about feedback is not taking it personally. Often I find myself listening to feedback and getting stuck feeling crummy about myself or my work. Finally I wised up and realized what a gift feedback actually is and how to deal with it, even though its still a bitch!

Want to Make a Change? Keep Score!

If you are looking to change an area of your life rather than obsess about the outcome you want, simply start keeping score. When you measure it, you focus on it, and typically take action to get the result you want. What game are you playing and what will it take to win?

Just F-in Do It!

One of the most important pieces of advice I often give people who ask me is quite simple - Just Do It. Too often people swirl in their ideas, dreams, thoughts and plans but never really stand up and say "I'm going ot make this @#%! happen!"

What Good Looks Like - Corporate vs. Startup

I’ve seen a number of people exit corporations to launch startups. One of the many challenges formerly corporate employee, now startup founders face is reframing expectations for success. It is extremely difficult to know if what you are doing is adequate because in startups there is often no “bar” for performance. So know that not knowing how well you are doing is a common experience.