I am fortunate to work across a variety of industries with innovative organizations that are often pioneers in their space. Clients with an intense desire to be more, openness to do things differently, and a commitment to do what they do really well are the best match for my capabilities.

Here are what some of them are saying about working with me. 

Select Clients

  • Paul Julius, Chief Technical Officer

Intent Media offers an end-to-end solution for commerce sites seeking to maximize the profitability of their site traffic and helps retailers safely extract both the transaction and advertising value of their visitors.

  • Ty Walrod, CEO

Bright Funds is a hot tech startup based in San Francisco working to transform how people give money to charities. Bright Funds manages funds of carefully selected nonprofits doing exceptional work in addressing the social challenges of our time, such as environmental protection, access to clean water, basic education, poverty alleviation, accessible health care, and response to global disasters.

  • Jared Kaplan, Co-Founder

Studio 26 is a healthy space for a healthy body in New York City offering private fitness and wellness services in pilates, personal training, and bodywork.

  • Steven Rank, Founder & Chief Creative Director

SARANKCO is a creative studio offering clients a more accessible and thoughtful approach to brand development using design as a strategic tool to create awareness, drive loyalty, and increase brand value.

  • Esther Kremer, Editor in Chief

Assouline Publishing is the premier brand on luxury, offering a wide variety of books and more. Visitors can browse through books on art, travel and fashion for the best reads.

  • David Foxley, Features Director

DuJour is a print and digital luxury lifestyle publishing brand that focuses on art, fashion, design, entertainment, travel and more. 

  • Jamie Drake, Principal and Founder

Drake Design Associates has been recognized by Architectural Digest as an AD100 top global design firm. Jamie Drake and his firm provide both architectural and interior design services to an elite clientele including one of NYC's most powerful public figures.

  • Elizabeth Estroff, SVP Media & Communications

The ASPCA is America's leading organization dedicated to the protection and welfare of animals in the United States.

  • Matt Bernardo, COO

  • Andrew Greene, SVP of Marketing & Development

Housing Works is a healing community of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS serving the mission to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS through relentless advocacy, the provision of lifesaving services, and entrepreneurial businesses. Housing Works is often referred to as the "social enterprise" given it funds a vast majority of its operations from innovative businesses. 

  • Meredith Ryan-Reid, Head of Accident and Health, North America

Starr Companies is a global insurance and financial services organization providing innovative risk management solutions. Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, who led AIG for nearly 40 years, is Chairman and CEO.

  • Joshua Smith, Principal

Joshua Smith Inc. is a Manhattan based interior design firm. His interiors are a beautiful kaleidoscope of materials and furnishings that reflect the individuals inhabiting the space. His designs are clean, classic and edited, often grounded in tradition while incorporating modern elements. Previously he worked for AD100 designer S.R. Grambrel and is a graduate of New York School of Interior Design. 

  • Zachery Barnett, Executive Director

Abzyme Research Foundation is a non-profit organization created to tackle the greatest pandemic of our time by funding cutting edge science. The Foundation is exploring a new branch of immunology and soon will start Phase 1 FDA human trials for a functional cure for AIDS.

  • Peter McGough, CEO

McDermott & McGough are contemporary artists known for their painting,   photography, sculpture and film. They are based in Dublin and NYC.

  • Ken Wampler, Founding Director

Alpha Workshops has provided job training and healing in the visual arts for nearly 20 years. Their workforce development programs target persons living with HIV/AIDS. As a social enterprise, Alpha Workshops also produces high quality products like furniture, wallpapers and venetian plaster; their products were used in the Gracie Mansion during Mayor Bloomberg's administration. 

Stephen Mack Technology Consulting

  • Stephen Mack, Principal 

Stephen Mack supports high net worth and high profile individuals, as well as high growth startups with the emerging technology needs.

  • Rob Dennis, Founder & CEO

People.co is a stealth early-stage company backed by some of the world's top investors and currently in private beta with some of the world's most sophisticated companies. People.co is committed to transforming how scarce talent is identified, assessed and attracted. 

  • Miranda Brooks, Principal & CEO

Miranda Brooks is a prominent landscape architect, transforming outdoor spaces across the globe. She is also a contributing editor for American Vogue, covering homes and gardens. 

  • Patrick Janelle, Co-Founder & Director
  • Amy Virginia Buchanan, Co-Founder & Artistic Director

Spring Street Social Society is a membership organization that hosts immersive community events designed for people to get to know one another. Gatherings bolster the creative culture in Manhattan, creating experiences that are unique to New York City.

  • Talmadge Powell, Principal
  • Todd Pyland, Principal & Creative Director

  • Patricia G. Chernicky, Principal & Managing Partner

Talmadge Powell Creative is a premier events and full creative services agency based in Tulsa, Oklahoma offering event planning, branding and media production managing all aspects of an event.

  • Adam Sheffer, VP of the Art Dealers Association of America & Partner and Sales Director at New York's Cheim & Read Gallery

Adam Sheffer is a well known and very experienced art dealer working with some of the world's most powerful and wealthy collectors.

  • Seth Caplan, Chief Creative

Seth Caplan is a Brooklyn, NY based photographer focused on making beautiful interior and lifestyles photographs.

  • Global Hedge Fund, Client name confidential.

One of the world's largest and best performing global hedge funds.