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It’s not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is; what are we busy about?
— Henry David Thoreau

When you partner with me as your coach, I will challenge you to think differently and you will leave feeling invigorated and ready to take action. 

My Approach

When we partner together, we will focus on five core components that will push you, your business and your career to new heights:  

  1. Rigor and Accountability to move things forward and execute against plans. We will set goals and keep score.

  2. Empathy and Compassion for what you have to confront and manage to reach your goals.
  3. Encouragement and Acknowledgement to celebrate progress, lessons learned and success.
  4. Advice and Counsel on topical matters as a "thinking partner" to make smart decisions.
  5. Strategic and Future-focused Planning to keep you focused and working on the right things and steering clear of obstacles that distract you.

My Expertise

  • Growing Your Business

Are you clear about your business (or non profit) growth goals and how to get there? During our coaching, we will follow a three step process. I'll help you: see new possibilities for your business to grow, simplify how to get there, and leave you with a clear action plan you can begin to tackle right away. We will dig into where your business is now and tackle the difficult questions you have likely been avoiding. 

  • Extreme Career Makeovers

Do you wish you could hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE on your career and just do a hard reboot? Are you stuck in the wrong career and no matter what you do, you can't seem to move? Or, maybe you are clear what your next step should be but haven't the faintest idea where to start? YOU are ready for an extreme career makeover. Brace yourself because during our sessions you will take a hard look at your life, your happiness, and where you really want to be. 

My Style

In the same way a doctor treats a patient, my coaching style is tailored to your needs. I am a collaborator who will work with you to understand your objectives and create a plan for you and the possibilities available to you. As we work together, I will be a partner for you and help you push yourself to uncover and achieve new possibilities for your business or career. I have a high energy and innovative style centered around actions and results. My focus is on taking concepts and making them happen.

How It Works

  • Goal Setting: Our initial discussion will be a way for me to better understand you, your business or career. We will identify objectives and goals and work together to track actions and progress.

  • Meetings: We will schedule a recurring weekly meeting. Speaking frequently will be important to keeping on track and moving forward. In person meetings are highly effective and work well when possible. However, weekly discussions can also occur over conference calls and video chats. 

  • Confidentiality: To get the most out of working with me, it is helpful for me to know everything about your business. Thus, maintaining confidentiality is critical to a successful relationship. Our conversations are just that, ours.

  • Contract: We will spell out deliverables, objectives and payment terms in a contract so our expectations are clear.

  • Duration: Best practice for business and executive coaching is a sustained relationship to grow the individual and organization over time. The first phase of a typical engagement is usually at least 6 months.
  • On Demand: In-between our meetings, I'm available via phone and text to help you make decisions, stay calm and celebrate success.

  • Staying Organized: We will keep track of our conversations, notes, homework, etc. in Evernote, a tool that allows note sharing and collaboration.  
  • What Works:  In order to provide the maximum impact to you and your objectives, I have the following expectations of all of my clients:
  1. Schedule weekly appointments at mutually agreeable times and locations.
  2. Keep track of and execute all assigned homework and tasks I give you, without nagging or reminders, including procurement of various materials (e.g. books).
  3. Be coachable - come with a consistent  openness to do things differently, think differently, and explore new ways to meet your stated objectives.
  4. Provide 24 hour notice of any appointments that need to be rescheduled or cancelled.

My Target Client is

  1. Open and coachable.

  2. Up to something. Building, creating, growing or transforming something.




We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.
— Aristotle

Get the support you need to make smart choices and enliven your people to accelerate results. I'll dig in with you to understand your business and what makes it work. Together we will identify the possibilities available for growth and create real action plans that will take your business to the next level.

Consulting is perfect for you

  • if you are seeking game-changing business results
  • if you are ready to answer tough questions and take a hard look at your business
  • if you want to commit time and resources to growing your business to new heights

My Expertise

  • Human Capital & People Strategies

Are you maximizing the value of your greatest asset? You need the right people in the right roles to take your business to the next level.  Evaluate how you get, motivate and retain the people that drive your business and uncover new possibilities to maximize your people strategy.

  • Organizational Culture & Values

The culture of your organization impacts every aspect of your business. Discover new and creative ways you can position values to employees and clients. Align your business towards achieving its true vision, mission, and goals.

  • Retreat & Meeting Facilitation

A successful meeting or offsite retreat requires outstanding facilitation. Get the experience you need to make your meeting or retreat wildly successful. I offer services for planning, designing and leading your meeting or retreat that will get your team into immediate action. Get real results and get them fast.




Today I do what others won’t so that tomorrow I can do what other’s can’t.
— Unknown

What I Offer

There's a stigma that goes with the average keynote speaker. Audience eyes glazed watching slide after slide and boring subjects that may educate but lack the motivation to inspire. As a speaker, I break through this stigma. I will enrich, enlighten and most of all excite. What I offer is a unique and inspiring experience. Keynotes chocked full of useful insights, humor and passion. Yes, the audience will be engaged but more importantly they'll leave the room on fire and ready to act.

My Style

Whether you want suit and tie or hoody and bluejeans, I'm your guy. Whatever the setting, I'm game. Be sure your audience is ready because my style is real and raw. I'm a storyteller and an educator rolled into one. You will get humor and excitement. You won't get boring or ordinary. 

The Ideal Audience

  • wants something different that will leave them changed

  • is ready to hear fun, real and raw stories

  • is not afraid to think differently and be challenged

  • is eager to laugh and have fun

A Sample Experience

My keynote at the 2018 MetLife Annual Sales Meeting in Orlando, Florida. 

”My team selected Ben from a roster of top-tier keynote speakers for our national sales meeting. Ben knocked it out of the park, with a tightly prepared talk that balanced inspiration through stories with pithy action-oriented advice. Ben really got to know our organization and collected data before and after his talk, which has helped us implement his advice.”
-Meredith Ryan-Reid: Senior Vice President, Group Benefits - MetLife

My talk at a 2018 NYU professional development event. I talk to students about thinking, acting and being an entrepreneur in their own careers. 

Published on Apr 7, 2012

My March 2012 presentation at HCI's Human Capital Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona. I explain the context, approach and results of Marsh's MU and IGNITE initiatives as part of the larger human capital strategy.


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