Who I Am:

I work with clients of all shapes and sizes to break through what’s in the way and reach their true potential. I see what is possible, simplify what it takes to get there, and stimulate action. Learn more about me and my career at  linkedin.com/in/benbrooksny.

What I Do:

Ushering my clients to get out of their own way, cutting through the crap, and stepping on the accelerator is what fuels my tank every day. I get that not everything can be tackled head on. Sometimes sideways is the best way. Boring solutions won't excite you to take action. Which is why I put the fun, sexy, elegance and uniqueness into what I do.

My Story: 

My career has been a fantastic adventure. Some of my work includes: getting grey-haired insurance brokers excited to use social media, helping design spy planes for the US Army, changing tires on rental cars while wearing a suit, helping to get Don't Ask, Don't Tell repealed, buying servers on my corporate card to get a project moving, teaching junior high students how to apologize to their parents, designing cufflinks to represent an org’s values, following around aircraft mechanics in Switzerland, defusing screamers in a call center, slicing software development processes with Kaizen, teaching executives to tell stories while in an old English castle, and even producing animation.

My Commitment:

I'm dedicated to helping people take on what they really want in their businesses and careers. When we work together, you can count on me to educate, delight, and inspire.

What I Dig:

When I'm not working, I might be: geeking out to aviation blogs, soaking in what's great about NYC, traveling somewhere that people wear tank-tops, playing my part in making the world a better place, watching TED talks, or taking a run.