Your New Year

The start of a new year is a perfect time to assess your life, personally and professionally. Yet few of us give planning our year ahead the focus it deserves. Below I’ve structured a simple, yet powerful process that I have personally used for years, which enables you to complete your prior year, leaving space for a truly new year. Utilizing this process will move you from resolutions to results in Your New Year

Watching these very short videos and answering the four questions I pose below will position you to make Your New Year your best yet!

Part 1: Celebrate

Take a look back at your past year. Acknowledge, remember and relish in all of the good that happened.                                                         

Part 2: Let Go

Confront what in the past year: didn’t go well, was a disappointment, or otherwise didn’t work for you, and ensure it is left in the past. 

Part 3: Create Your New Year

Think big about what you really want in Your New Year across all areas of your life.

Part 4: Make It Happen

Prioritize what you want to accomplish. Include only the critical few things that you are truly committed to create in Your New Year.