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What I Learned as an Entrepreneur in 2017

Starting my own business has been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. But it is so stimulating, fast-paced, and exhausting that it’s easy to neglect taking the time to pull up and reflect on what I’m learning.

Of course, on a more tactical level, my team and I are constantly discussing what we are learning and making a thousand tiny adjustments and decisions as a result. But it’s these larger insights from what was the hardest working year of my life, 2017, and a pretty intense start to 2018 so far, that I think are most valuable when looking in.

What I learned as an Entrepreneur in 2015

Between the media and millennials, being an entrepreneur has never looked more glamourous. In many ways compared to the confines of corporate, government, or non-profit work, charting one’s own destiny can seem incredibly enticing and liberating. However, the part that seldom is talked about outside of entrepreneurial and startup circles is just how brutal the lessons of this path can be.

Will You Finish The Swing?

Starting things is sexy. We’re easily enticed by new products, new companies, new markets, new hires, new facilities, and new initiatives. Finishing, on the other hand, isn’t nearly as alluring, but it is much more satisfying.

First Things First

Over the past few years, I’ve let overwhelm get the best of me from time to time. But through these experiences, I’ve also learned how to get effectively navigate past this vortex of misery. Here’s how I do it.

Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?

When creating solutions to a problem, avoid the temptation to dive right into the answers that excite you. Instead, objectively and clinically examine what the value of solving the problem is in the first place.